Hazards of smoking essay


Hazards of smoking essay

Title: Reasons people start smoking: hazardous habit

People start smoking because of different reasons. However, the historical context of “smoking start” is different. Several decades ago, in the first part of the 20th century, the devastating effects of tobacco were still barely known, and, in spite of the fact some doctors initiated scientific research of nicotine effects yet in the 19th century, almost a century afterwards tobacco was seen as a little danger for human organism. At that time people started smoking without knowing the consequences this bad habit might entail.

However, nowadays, many smokers are aware of the majority of hazardous effects that are associated with smoking, though for one reason or another, these effects are overlooked or ignored. That is the reason why teenagers are considered to be the most vulnerable category of population. Many people, especially adolescents, start smoking because of curiosity; others perceive smoking as a kind of rebellion against adults’ prohibitions. Sometimes smoking is regarded as an integral part of social life, of being in the company.

Simultaneously, more and more people die due to numerous smoking-related diseases. Many smokers ignorantly believe that one cigarette is almost safe, however, they are wrong, as tobacco smoke ingredients manifest strong cumulative properties and their effect on human organism develops gradually, in the course of time.

Another problem of passive smoking is its influence on children. Cigarette smoke negatively influences their health and increases the risk of nicotine dependence development. Smoking before pregnancy, and especially during the pregnancy, greatly harms the child’s health and increases the risk of a number of diseases in child’s future life. The death risk of newborn children is two times higher in women who smoke, and is 10% higher in women who smoke occasionally. […]

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