Talent management essay


Talent management essay

Title: Talent management essay

The approach to Talent Management at Standard Charted Bank is one of the examples that experts call the strategy of future in business. The approach to Talent Management is aimed at identifying the talents of staff and directing their abilities for company’s benefit. The meaning of talent in classical form is identified as the natural gift, talent and ability for any activity.

In fact, the approach of Talent Management includes the key strategies. They are to effectively use the talents of staff and that talent is the huge potential to professional growth. Adherents of this approach to effectively utilize talents of personnel believe that each person has his talents. The target of Human Resource Management is to identify these talents and make sure that talented individuals show their talents for the benefit of the company.

Human Resource Managers implement this strategy through two ways: 1) they identify the talent of the candidate in the recruitment process. In other words, they select the position that a talented individual deserves for. 2) They determine the talents of the working employees and move them to better positions without announcing the level of talent. If a company chooses a strategy for the management of talent, it should be ready for a large number of internal rotations.

The strategy that promotes talent as the large potential for professional growth is based on the notion that talent is a natural ability of a person to represent him in different activities. On the basis of such understanding Human Resource Management underlines the notion “core” staff to which the company pays maximum of attention, and other employees who are important for the total result of the company. […]

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